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SKU: D000-CC1510-303
Shipping Weight: 1.74 lbs

5C Expanding Collet:

"Stainless Steel"

Rough Head Dia: 1.50" 

Head Length: 1.06"

This Specialized "Stainless Steel" Version of the Standard CC1510 Expanding Collet, is made from 303 Stainless Material.  Typical for use in medical and food grade applications, where a rust free environment is critical. 

Dunham Tool Expanding Collets provide an expanding member to locate and hold work from the inside dimension of the workpiece, and are machinable by the customer to fit any I.D. within the range of the collet selected.

5C Expanding Collet Rough Diameter "A" Machinable Diameter Range Head Length "B"
CC1510-303 1.50" .750" - 1.468" 1.06"
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