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Shipping Weight: 19.50 lbs

Air Collet Closer:  Our Most Powerful Closer with "Sealed Bearing" & "Hard Coat" Options

This version of our most powerful closer comes with an optional upgraded "Hard Coat" finish and our "Sealed Bearing" option.  The Hard Coat finish provides an added wear resistance to the typical wear surfaces of the unit such as the piston and bore surfaces.  The optional "Sealed Bearings" offered with this unit help to keep harmful contaminants from migrating into the bearings.  This unit is ideal for highly gritty machining operations such as grinders where fine particles may be prevalent in the cutting fluids. 

Offering 3/4" of stroke, this unit features the highest Pull & Push Force Ratings of any of the Dunham Closers and is ideal for for applications that require high feed rates or large depths of cut.  Unit allows for thru-capacity work. 

Blank machinable Mounting Adapter and Draw Tubes sold separately.

Max Stroke:  .750"

Pull Force:  2700 lbs. @ 100 P.S.I.

Push Force:  3100 lbs. @ 100 P.S.I.

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