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Air Collet Chucks

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air collet chucks

Dunham Air Collet Chucks are designed for secondary chucking--not for thru work.  These fixtures accept all standard 5C Collets (1/16" to 1 1/16" diameters), expanding 5C Collets, and 5C Step Chucks (1/4" to 6" diameters).  Standard models are also available for 3C,2J, 16C, and 3J collet sizes.

These highly accurate and efficient Air Collet Chucks hold and activate the various collet sizes described above.  They are commonly used for both rotary and stationary applications on lathes, grinders (surface and cylindrical), machining centers, CNC rotary tables, etc.

Adjustable concentricity screws, permit adjustment to 0.000050" TIR.  Internal stops can eliminate length changes due to collet drawback.  Complete Foot and Hand Valve Kits are available to free operators' hands for efficient part handling, and also permit air pressure adjustability for fragile workpieces.  Standard Rotary Unions permit spindle speeds to 3600 RPM;  as a result, no frictional heat is generated by the Air Collet Chuck.

Standard shop air activates the Air Collet Chuck, while the spring-loaded piston design inhibits any occurrence of collet sticking.    


  • Eliminates the need for costly four (4) way valve, by using only one air line through the spindle to the chuck (rotary applications) or through the side air port (stationary applications).
  • Operates via standard shop air.
  • Power Factor:  15x line pressure i.e. at 100 p.s.i. line pressure exerts a pull force of more than 1500 lbs. on the collet.
  • Simple face plate mounting or special spindle mounts to suit customer requirements.
  • Built-in Concentricity Flange permits adjusting concentricity to new standards of collet accuracy - improving TIR on all collets.
  • Backing plate is threaded 1/4"-20 for positive, non-drawback, internal stops.
  • Collet Sticking greatly reduced by positive spring boosted return. 
  • Collet gripping power can be uniformly controlled by regulating air pressure.
  • Lightweight--Air Collet Chuck weighs less than 9 lbs. and generates no frictional heat.
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Replacement Seals For Air Collet Chucks (ACC)

Spindle Centering plug For ACC Air Supply Line.

Spindle I.D. Range:  .750" - 1.980"

Spindle Centering plug For ACC Air Supply Line.

Spindle I.D. Range:  1.75" - 2.98"

Spindle Centering plug For ACC Air Supply Line.

Spindle I.D. Range: 2.00" - 3.230"

Rotary Elbow:  For Air Collet Chuck Air Supply Lines

Rotary Union:  For Air Collet Chuck Air Supply Lines

Hand Valve Control Kit for "Air Collet Chucks"

Hand Valve Control Kit-- Air Collet Chucks, For use on "Rotary Tables"

Foot Pedal Control Kit For "Air Collet Chucks"

5C Air Collet Chuck

5C Air Collet Chuck With 4 Degree Taper Collet Adapter

5C Air Collet Chuck With Threaded Collet Adapter

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